Bring Your Jeans to the Workplace with These 5 Pay Day-Friendly Style Tips

Office Jeans

Note: This article was inspired by a question from one of our readers, Atisha, who asked: “Hi I’m looking for some fashion advice. I work in IT which can be a physical job. My day can consist of lugging laptops and desktop computers. Some days it also requires me crawling under desk or confined spaces. […]

Still Keeping Coupons in Your Wallets? Leave ‘Em to the 2000 and Late Era and Try Unclipt


What: Unclipt is a website and an iPhone app that lets you find, track, save, and organize promotions and sale items by store, brand or interest.  The iPhone app lets you take your lists with you wherever you go, which means that your days of clipping coupons, e-mailing yourself sales dates, and online sale shopping five websites […]

How to Update Your Look Without Overloading Your Wallet


So, the champagnes have been popped and the holiday sparkle has settled into a dull shade of grey.  As the cool breeze gets swapped out for an arctic chill it becomes oh-so-clear — winter has hit its stride!  Along with the freezing temps come some serious credit card bills adding up to an exhausted-looking you.  […]

Get Jessica Alba-Fit After Baby & the Holidays: 3 Celebrity Weight Loss Tips for Less

Whether it’s because of a real baby or a holiday food baby, many of us have resolutions to lose weight and get bikini-bod ready for 2013.  Recently unveiling her fit and toned physique just months after having having daughter number two, Jessica Alba has a look that is envy of many mothers (and non-mothers) alike. […]

New Year, New You: 5 Free, Easy, and Life-Changing New Year Goals You Can Start Doing Right Now

Resolutions 2

If you’re like the millions of people who pick a new year’s resolution only to break it a month later, then maybe it’s time to rethink how you look at resolutions. For starters, ditch the word ‘resolution’. Resolutions were made for breaking so instead, let’s talk about goals: goals for the new year and a […]

Dreaming of Your Own Shopping PA? Then Check out Shop It to Me

Shop It To Me

What: As we’re all familiar with the blessings that the internet brings to doing anything efficiently, one of my favorites is the world of personalized online shopping. Shop It to Me is one of those sites – here, you can sign up for e-mail notifications for when your favorite pieces go on sale, are available […]

Happy New You: Simple Changes, Stunning Results for 2013

Perfect Beauty

Ah, the New Year.  Parties, memories and if you’re like me, playing around with those virtual makeover apps.  This time of year, thinking about a new look gets me more excited than my mom’s famous rum ball cookies (that’s saying a lot because those things are dee-licious, but I digress).  Before we get all Zooey Deschanel dark on […]

How to Repurpose Makeup: 4 Nifty Things You Can Do with Excess Cosmetics


Having an excess of makeup isn’t the worst problem someone could have. Yet, it seems pretty common around the holidays with so many stockings that can be filled with small beauty items or gift exchanges with your friends and coworkers. This can leave you with a few too many lip glosses, so try out some […]

Tai Beauchamp to the Rescue: We Caught up with Renowned Fashion & Beauty Expert for Holiday Style Tips

Tai Beauchamp

Tai Beauchamp, the fabulous style and beauty expert known for her helpful tips and common-sense flair, has come to the rescue for those of us deep in the throes of “what do I wear during the holidays?” panic. Thank goodness.  In addition to being the Style Ambassador of InStyle, she’s also an on-air style expert […]