3 Money-Saving Tips to Look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S at Work

Increase Income

Today’s guest post is by Charisse Conanan of Smarteys.com. I know — “money-saving tips” and “looking F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S” are terms that might appear to be at odds with each other. But, keep reading and you’ll realize that these terms go hand-in-hand, especially for those looking to impress their colleagues.

Ditsies.com Wants to Rock Your “Underworld” with $12/month Luxe Undies… Shipped for Free!

Ditsies.com Site Review

The Lowdown: Ditsies is a customizable online underwear club that offers a new pair of designer underwear each month for $12. (Don’t worry, they let you switch it up so you don’t get bored)  Other than the 12 dollars a month, there are no other associated fees, and shipping is free. After you pick the style, color, […]

Stylish Ways to Increase Your Income

Increase Income

You’ve done a quasi-puritanical cleansing of your budget.  Translation?  Goodbye bimonthly mani’s, Sex and the City reruns on cable, and bikram yoga classes with the Australian teacher with quite possibly most soothing voice in the world.  (Must be the accent.)

To Buy or Not to Buy in February


Sure, February may deck the halls to the most commercialized, man-made holiday ever, but the frugally trained eye can cut through marketing clutter and find some gem deals.  Thanks to our friends at Dealnews, we’re bringing you the lowdown on how to shop smart in the shortest month of the year.