Packing Jewelry in Plastic Sandwich Bag? Not Anymore: Keep Jewelry Organized While Packing for Your Next Getaway!


Confession time: I’m not neat when it comes to packing jewelry for a getaway.  OK, I’m downright careless. While my sandals rest carefully between perfectly folded shorts, my jewelry is another story.  I toss ’em in a plastic sandwich bag, then smush it in my suitcase.

Warning: Cuteness Alert! Baby Budget Fashionista: Adorable Baby Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

Juliana Leigh Photography

What’s cuter than a fashionable baby? Really not much. After I had my fashion forward baby boy, I quickly learned that he was changing sizes faster than I could say his full name. But as a devotee to making my dude don the best duds (was feeling in the mood for some alliteration) I wasn’t […]

Five Gifts Mom Doesn’t Want You to Waste Money on This Mothers’ Day

Mothers' Day

The Bargainist has posted a list of what to avoid buying for your Mom on Mothers’ Day. Save money, spare the trouble and make your Mom feel so special! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, have you bought your Mom a present yet? If you’re after thoughtfulness, practicality and want to avoid cliché gifts, here’s a heads-up: […]

Site Review: Flipshion Lets You Shop Runway Looks at Half the Price… Right On Your Phone!

Flipshion Site Review

Whether they are online or in hard copy, I’ve always been a fan of fashion magazines. Perhaps it’s my ADD, maybe it’s the fact that you can pack in the best of the best from several runway shows all at your finger tips — but I think magazines are some of the most efficient and […] Wants to Rock Your “Underworld” with $12/month Luxe Undies… Shipped for Free! Site Review

The Lowdown: Ditsies is a customizable online underwear club that offers a new pair of designer underwear each month for $12. (Don’t worry, they let you switch it up so you don’t get bored)  Other than the 12 dollars a month, there are no other associated fees, and shipping is free. After you pick the style, color, […]