Site (and Store) I Like: Discovery Clothing Company

The Discovery Clothing Company is a great store for budget fashionistas who live in the Chicago area. For less than 20 bucks, you can buy the latest fashion trends and wardrobe staples.  What I like about the store is that it’s a viable alternative to the usual trendy budget shopping suspects- H&M, F21, Wet Seal, […]

Update on Philosophy Offer in Beauty Newsletter

From a reader: A note on the philosophy berry pie offer below from . . .upon clicking the link, it takes you to and tells you, “Sorry!  This offer is no longer available.” I contacted customer service and you have to have an account with them (free sign-up of course).  If you want […]

How to Pack for a Long Weekend

Group Travel

Dear Budget Fashionista, Could you post a topic on the newsletter about suggestions for a long weekend travel wardrobe?  I seem to run into the same problem every time I prepare for vacation—how to pack to look chic, but also be comfortable. I tend to do a lot of walking while on vacation. I want […]

More of Your Favorite Beauty Products

Trader Joe’s also has this awesome moisturizer called Utterly Smooth—it’s made to be used on cow udders when they’re chapped from milking. It’s very smooth to put on and dries fast and not greasy. Very hydrating and super cheap. I think it’s $2.99 for a tub. But I go through a tub in less than […]