How to Put Together a Minimalist Wardrobe


Minimalism is the rage of boutique hotels and architects, of interior designers and Swedish furniture, but you don’t hear much when it comes to minimalist wardrobe. But you should. Less is more and that’s a hard concept for us to digest sometimes when we’re inundated with ads that tell us to buy because we deserve […]

What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

We know that choosing what to wear to a fall wedding can be a frustrating task. You don’t want to upset the bride (more importantly, you don’t want to upstage the bride). But, you still want to look amazing. Plus when it comes to fall, you never know what type of weather you’re going to […]

How to Find Wide Calf Boots

widecalf boots

Dear Budget Fashionista, I really need your help. Even though I wear a clothing size 12, I have VERY wide calves (plus size- about the size of someone who wears a size 16 to 18). I would love to be able to to find a stylish pair of wide calf boots to wear this winter. […]

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Patent Leather Shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista, How does one remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes? I have a cream pair that has brown marks and I have a red pair that has black marks. Do I need to go to a shoe shop?? How to Get Scuff Marks Off Shoes Answer: Don’t spend money at a shoe […]

10 Fall Fashion DOs and DON’Ts

Fall Fashion

You heard it first here: There are worse fashion faux-pas than spending outside your budget. Keep these 10 fall fashion do’s and don’ts in mind as you shop for your closet and pick our your daily looks!

The Best Stores for Wide Width Shoes

wide wdth shoes

Dear Budget Fashionista, I love shoes, I want shoes, but I have a bunion and need wide shoes (I wear a 7w). I’m nervous about buying online because the fit is so important, especially with wide feet. When I shop in store, all I can find are elderly orthopedic shoes. Is it possible to buy […]

Hats Off to Summer: Advice from the Pro!

Loreta Corsetti

I love hats and boy, do I need them in summer. You may be thinking this sounds weird since, obviously I’d need a warm hat more in the winter months of Chicago but don’t forget—pigmentation, my friends! Exposing yourself even with 1,789 so-called SPF, your face is still at risk for splotchy pigmentation problems, so […]