Fashion Advice: Tips For Avoiding Fakes on eBay


Dear Budget Fashionista, I bought a Burberry trench on eBay for $175. Is it too good to me true. I haven’t received the coat yet, but I wanted to be sure. The pictures look pretty convincing. Answer: The rule of thumb when it comes to eBay is that if looks like a fake, priced like […]

Product Review: Mineral Makeup on a Budget

“SOME PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” What: Angela wades through some of the mineral makeup offerings from the drug store beauty aisle. The Lowdown: Make-up marketers are savvy folks—and so anyone who makes regular visits to the beauty aisle knows there’s always something new being touted. These days? It’s mineral make-up—and plenty of the […]

Product Review: M by Mariah Carey

I love Mariah Carey and here’s why: Mariah reminds me of a time when our celebrities were crazy AND talented. No matter how many video show melt downs or weird boob jobs she has, the girl can sang (no, not a grammatical mistake, sang is one step above singing).  She’s got talent, she’s beautiful, and […]