Are You Too OLD for Leggings?

Dear Budget Fashionista, How old is too old to wear leggings? I recently found some cute babydoll tops at Kohl’s that would look great with them, but I feel like leggings would be trying way too hard. Plus I’m carrying some extra pounds! Any advice? Answer: You’re never too old to wear leggings, but you […]

Neutrogena’s Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation: Product Review

What: Robin cuts off her liquid foundation habit to give Neutrogena’s Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation. $12.99, a whirl. The Lowdown: Since I’m not the biggest fan of powder foundation, I wasn’t sure this would give me the coverage I need and typically receive from my trusty liquid ally. The packaging states that it is the […]

Yellow Nail Polish: Beauty Trend

What: From a distance, it looks like someone wore their red nail polish too long and it turned their nails—but if you take a closer look, you’ll see that more and more people are actually painting their nails yellow on purpose.  The Word: In the January 2008 issue of Oprah magazine, Leatrice Eiseman, author of […]