It’s Got Potential

If you’ve ever used before, you won’t have any trouble buying the philosophy of… the question is, will help you buy beauty and fashion products you like? The answer is probably not… for now. The budding site has a pretty straightforward model: register an account, submit products, and become fans of products […] Fashion Overload

Sometimes, the shopping experience is more important than the purchase. If you don’t agree with that sentence, skip on, which is kind of like “eBay with a face.” Users interact with each other on a personal level, buying and selling items that range from classic records to Chanel purses. Buyers can look at items […] Fashion’s Woot

Who knew fashion could be so suspenseful? By the time you finally decide to take advantage of a to-die-for deal on a couture jacket or cute tank top, it could be long gone. gives new meaning to “impulse shopping.” Hint: it’s not for fashionistas who take a year and a day to commit to […]

How To Make White Shirts Whiter

Dear Budget Fashionista, Is there a product or solution to keep my white blouses white? I always end up with underarm and collar stains. Answer: Try washing your shirts in warm water with either a solution like OxyClean or Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing solution, which does turn your shirts “blue”, but is used to whiten shirts […]

How to Cover Varicose Veins

Dear Budget Fashionista, As a 52-year-old woman, with varicose veins, do I need to wear pantyhose in the winter and can I wear long shirts that goes almost to my ankles? What do I wear? Thank you Answer: The Bad News: Pantyhose (aka nylons) are pretty dated. The Good (actually, great) News: Tights are not. […]

Famous Maker Brands on a Budget

Dear Budget Fashionista, I was perusing on Smartbargains and noticed that all of the “Famous Maker” and “Famous Designer” brand dresses are not only the same styles as Nicole Miller’s, but the same fabrics and original retail prices. Is “Famous Maker/Designer” code for Nicole Miller, or is this just a coincidence? Answer: Stores like Smartbargains […]