Shopseen: Site Review

One of our favorite shopping resources here at The Budget Fashionista is, well, our peeps. Having other bargain-hunting eyes and ears out there is invaluable in finding great deals—especially when we know so many happen without a billboard announcement and spotlights (though that would be nice, right?). And since online is where we live, a […]

BG Haute: Site Review

We’re working girls, so we don’t frequently have formal events to attend—but when we do we want to look chic. And even if we’re not hitting a ballroom anytime soon we know that plenty of you are (prom, weddings, charity balls, take your pick) so we like to point you in the right direction when […] Site Review

Ah, if only instead of wasting time seeking out whatever item you wish to purchase, it would just come to you. And better yet, come to you from multiple sources seeking your business, so that you get the best price. Well, it was only a matter of time—because that’s the premise behind, which characterizes […]

My Fashion Plate: Site Review

Even the most organized among us occasionally opens the closet to get dressed and find that our beloved wardrobe somehow, when we weren’t looking, has become one hot mess. Too much shopping (we’re all guilty), and not enough time sorting and strategizing, have left us standing there scratching our heads, knowing we only have 3.6 […]

Covet .com: Site Review

Every budget shoppers dream? Their own personal shopper, something which most of us have zero first-hand experience with by virtue of the fact that we are, well, on a budget. Enter, which gives you the benefit of a service that targets your personal style, searches for designer and namebrand items to match—items on sale—and […]