Pikaba.com: Site Review

Ah, if only instead of wasting time seeking out whatever item you wish to purchase, it would just come to you. And better yet, come to you from multiple sources seeking your business, so that you get the best price. Well, it was only a matter of time—because that’s the premise behind Pikaba.com, which characterizes […]

My Fashion Plate: Site Review

Even the most organized among us occasionally opens the closet to get dressed and find that our beloved wardrobe somehow, when we weren’t looking, has become one hot mess. Too much shopping (we’re all guilty), and not enough time sorting and strategizing, have left us standing there scratching our heads, knowing we only have 3.6 […]

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse: Product Review

What: Angela tries to even things out with Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse The Lowdown: While we’re busy changing up our fashion with the change of seasons, we need to remember that our make-up needs changing up as well. Heavier, creamier foundations that were fine (even preferable) in the dry winter months will do nothing but […]

Covet .com: Site Review

Every budget shoppers dream? Their own personal shopper, something which most of us have zero first-hand experience with by virtue of the fact that we are, well, on a budget. Enter Covet.com, which gives you the benefit of a service that targets your personal style, searches for designer and namebrand items to match—items on sale—and […]

Tigerbow.com: Site Review

We’ve seen all kinds of shopping sites, but Tigerbow.com is kind of a new breed, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. Here’s the deal: you want to send someone a gift, but you don’t have their address. You do, however, have a virtual address, in the form of e-mail, Twitter, Facebook profile, […]

St. Ives Smoothing In-Shower Body Scrub: Product Review

What: Angela softens up with St. Ives Exfoliating In-Shower Body Polish The Lowdown: Memorial Day is a memory, and since summer’s when we bare the most skin—like it or not—it’s high time that we all take a little inventory of any rough spots we’ve let go through the long winter months. Go ahead, I’ll wait. […]

IMShopping.com: Site Review

One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that you are, in every practical sense, on your own. You can search items to your heart’s content, and read every description word by precious word, but if you have a question, or don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? You’re out of luck. But not […]

Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Antiperspirant: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to get smooth – and dry – with Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Antiperspirant The Lowdown: All I’ve ever really wanted in an antiperspirant is for it to keep me as dry as possible, for as long as possible (there’s nothing worse than a mid-afternoon summer meltdown in your favorite silky blouse – […]

BeautyTicket.com: Site Review

Budget clothes shopping online can be a challenge, but budget makeup shopping? It’s kind of the Mount Everest of Internet shopping on the cheap. While there’s discount clothing outlets abound, good discount makeup is just much harder to come by. Enter BeautyTicket.com. We’re not talking drugstore brands here—it’s premium make-up at big discounts. Think Pout, […]