Where to Find a Wrap Cardigan: Fashion Advice

Rosie Asks: Where can I buy (I will try to describe the sweater) a sweater you put your arms in and then you can then wrap the ends it around your neck like a scarf? Answer: Rosie, these sweaters are called “wrap cardigans” (although one of my dearest friends call them schmattas , which is […]

Allyou.com: Site Review

These days, everybody and their brother is creating a “budget-conscious” website—and who doesn’t need to save money in this economic climate? That being said, just saying that your site is budget-focused doesn’t mean it offers any real value. So we decided to take a look at one such site—Allyou.com —and see if there are any […]

Lifebooker.com: Site Review

Everyone has less cash to spend these days, but let’s face it—a girls gotta keep herself up. And if you’re in the big city (say New York, or LA) the prices usually carry the highest budget damage potential. Enter Lifebooker.com—a site that is a scheduling center of sorts, for all those beauty rituals we’ve become […]

The New Shopbop.com: Site Review

We’ve long been fans of Shopbop.com at TBF, as a source for picking up designer clothes for less (which isn’t a necessity, but certainly eases the bottom line for the designer-addicted among us). We have to admit though, we haven’t always been fans of their site design. Apparently, Shopbop wasn’t either, and—to the great delight […]