Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to turn up the volume with Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers The Lowdown: Having been cursed with thin, fine hair, I’m always looking for ways to amp things up a bit. I’ve never been a big fan of rollers in general, but figured these “ceramic magnetic” rollers sounded pretty high tech, so […]

Hard Candy Goes to Wal-Mart

What: Hard Candy cosmetics, the rocker-chic makeup brand best known for its wildly colored nail polishes and eye shadows sold at upscale retail stores, is becoming a little more budget friendly. The company has announced plans to produce a lower-priced cosmetics line specifically for Wal-Mart, which will start rolling out in stores nationwide beginning in […]

Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion

What: Angela smooths things over with Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion hair products   The Lowdown: Pantene is a name you’ll see at the top of a gazillion women’s magazine lists of drugstore beauty products. And like all other beauty products, with each new day comes a new line, new formula, the next big thing. Seems […]

Trackle.com: Site Review

The Lowdown: Now that we’re all hopelessly dependent on the Internet to function in our day to day lives (okay, maybe that’s a slight overstatement, but you get the point) the next big thing in websites seem to be those that send us alerts on all the information we need without us even having to […]

La Grande Dame: High Fashion Plus Size Site Review

The Lowdown: Here at TBF—and in just about every group of real women we’ve ever encountered—one of our biggest shopping complaints is the lack of fashionable options for women who aren’t a size 8. Finding affordable options that you’d actually want to wear out of the house is even harder. And while Lane Bryant is […]

Inspireyourstyle.com: Site Review

Here at TBF, we’re suckers for a little style inspiration, and since we live online a site called “Inspireyourstyle.com” is something we’re not going to pass up without a closer look. Our Review: Any site that opens with a chance to enter a $10,000 sweepstakes gets our attention, as is the case with Inspireyourstyle.com. But […]

Allyou.com: Site Review

These days, everybody and their brother is creating a “budget-conscious” website—and who doesn’t need to save money in this economic climate? That being said, just saying that your site is budget-focused doesn’t mean it offers any real value. So we decided to take a look at one such site—Allyou.com —and see if there are any […]