The New Site Review

The Lowdown: Finding what you’re looking for while shopping online has always been something of a challenge. After all, thumbing through racks of clothes and trying on some of your finds is pretty much impossible with online shopping. understands the issue, which is why they have recently re-launched their popular retail website that is […]

Assets by Sarah Blakely Tights: Product Review

What: Angela smooths things over with Assets Tights The Lowdown: Okay, every celeb and fashionista out there sings the endless praises of Spanx, but at prices ranging from $28-$40 for tights, not all of us have the budget to justify owning a pair. Enter Assets, a budget version of the sin-forgiving body-shapers, from our favorite […] Site Review

The Lowdown: These days, it seems a new day means at least a dozen new social networking sites … which means we have less and less time or interest (or hope) of finding something interesting among them. The name “” implies just more of the same … but this is a site that, somewhat incongruously, […]

Premier Comfort Plus Cushion Insoles: Product Review

What: Marilyn reviews Premier (brand) Comfort Plus Cushion Insoles $3(also available in double thickness for $5-6). You can find them online for as low as $.98. The Lowdown: Maybe it is the onslaught of Fall and hard shoes after a summer of bare feet, sandals, and sneakers, but I am addicted to these. I like […]

Fashion Advice: Should You Get a Stylist?

Juanita asks:  What do you think about stylists? Kathryn Answers: I think stylists are a great option, especially if you’re caught in a style rut or hate to shop. To find a great stylist, head to the Association of Image Consultants International (believe the web address is Members are working consultants who have completed […]

Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to break the moisture barrier with Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash The Lowdown: I’ve always been leery of body washes that claim to moisturize—I mean, clean and exfoliate? Sure. But, like moisturizing shampoos, I’ve never found that a cleanser can actually deliver enough lasting moisture to truly support the claim. Still, […]

Fashion Advice: Designer Discounts at Outlet Malls

Kristine Asks: I’ve heard a lot about the Woodbury Commons Outlets located outside of New York City and it is suppose to be a designer mecca. Do you think I could find a deal on a high-end designer bag, like Chanel? Kathryn Answers: It really depends on what you consider a deal. The Chanel outlet […]

Chaps Weekend Perfume: Product Review

What: Angela gets spritzed with Chaps Weekend Perfume. The Lowdown: Chaps is not a brand name that inspires a great deal of confidence regarding women’s fragrances. Sold at Kohl’s, it strikes me as very conservative and quite the opposite of high end. The packaging for the new Chaps Woman Weekend Perfume doesn’t help—the box is […]

Aveeno Nourish & Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner: Product Review

What: Angela trys to get healthy with Aveeno Nourish & Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner The Lowdown: Aveeno is one of those brands that’s just slightly more expensive, but comes with a reputation that leads us to expect good value for our hard earned buck. Since my hair is colored regularly and fried with blow dryer […]

Swaxy: Site Review

The Lowdown: We were just saying the other day that what we REALLY needed was a shopping site that featured bikini clad girls with fake parts and belly-button piercings. Oh wait, that wasn’t us—it was the group of college frat boys at the next table … and that’s exactly who is aimed at. Well, […]