Fashion Advice: Designer Discounts at Outlet Malls

Kristine Asks: I’ve heard a lot about the Woodbury Commons Outlets located outside of New York City and it is suppose to be a designer mecca. Do you think I could find a deal on a high-end designer bag, like Chanel? Kathryn Answers: It really depends on what you consider a deal. The Chanel outlet […]

Chaps Weekend Perfume: Product Review

What: Angela gets spritzed with Chaps Weekend Perfume. The Lowdown: Chaps is not a brand name that inspires a great deal of confidence regarding women’s fragrances. Sold at Kohl’s, it strikes me as very conservative and quite the opposite of high end. The packaging for the new Chaps Woman Weekend Perfume doesn’t help—the box is […]

Aveeno Nourish & Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner: Product Review

What: Angela trys to get healthy with Aveeno Nourish & Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner The Lowdown: Aveeno is one of those brands that’s just slightly more expensive, but comes with a reputation that leads us to expect good value for our hard earned buck. Since my hair is colored regularly and fried with blow dryer […]

Swaxy: Site Review

The Lowdown: We were just saying the other day that what we REALLY needed was a shopping site that featured bikini clad girls with fake parts and belly-button piercings. Oh wait, that wasn’t us—it was the group of college frat boys at the next table … and that’s exactly who is aimed at. Well, […]

Gift Card Rescue: Site Review

The Lowdown: In this day and age, every dollar counts—and when one is short on cash, it’s pretty much time to consider all the options. While we love nothing more than receiving a gift card to our favorite store (free shopping? um, yeah!) sometimes it comes down to a new pair of shoes or, well, […]

American Beauty “Beloved” Perfume: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to get romantic with American Beauty’s “Beloved” perfume spray. The Lowdown: “Beloved”—apparently the winner of the Fragrance Foundation’s 2009 “Fragrance of the Year” award—is one of those quintessential girly scents: floral, floral, floral, specifically featuring tuberose along with orange flower, stephanotis, and calla lilies. It’s a scent which their marketing team has […]

The Shoe Wheel: The Brilliant Way to Store Your Shoes

Here at TBF we love gadgets that help make our lives, and in this case, our closet more organized. We’re having a MAJOR gadget crush on the Rakku Shoe Wheel, a circular shoe storage system that protects and stores your shoes without taking up a lot of space. The system has 20 pockets that allows […]

Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to turn up the volume with Ricky’s NYC Ceramic Fusion Rollers The Lowdown: Having been cursed with thin, fine hair, I’m always looking for ways to amp things up a bit. I’ve never been a big fan of rollers in general, but figured these “ceramic magnetic” rollers sounded pretty high tech, so […]