Website Review: Glo at

What: — do we really need another style/beauty/living/relationship website? Angela does some clicking around to find out. The Lowdown: Launched this month, MSN calls “Glo” an “innovative new site” that gives women style, beauty and lifestyle information with the look and feel of a “beautiful magazine.” This means they’re still trying to bridge that […]

Couturious: Online Shopping Meets Online Styling

Update: It appears that Couturious is very similar to the site  We’re contacting the folks behind both sites to get their response. What: Yesterday we got an exclusive peek at Couturious , a new social shopping/discover service by the folks behind It’s like an online version of the old skool activity of dressing […]

Zumiez Site Review

Huge e-commerce sites are fantastic when you aren’t sure what to buy for yourself or as a gift, but we like the niche markets too. Sometimes having focus is incredibly helpful, especially when trying to buy for someone with specific likes, even if that picky person is you … Our Review:, a site we […]

Cheap Ski Outfits

You don’t have to be a bazillionaire to look awesome on the slopes. For example, did you know that Wal-Mart has a limited, but inexpensive, collection of ski and winter outdoor garments, including ski pants and jackets for less than $35? Or that you can score an awesome down jacket from L.L.Bean for less than […]

The Power of the Pre-Sale

Photo credit: Shutterstock A pre-sale is when a store allows you to purchase an item prior to that item going on sale.  So say you find a gorgeous cashmere sweater for $99 on Monday, but you know that it’s going to be on sale for $79 that Thursday; you can ask the sales associates if […]

The New Site Review

The Lowdown: Finding what you’re looking for while shopping online has always been something of a challenge. After all, thumbing through racks of clothes and trying on some of your finds is pretty much impossible with online shopping. understands the issue, which is why they have recently re-launched their popular retail website that is […]