Do You Care What Others Think About the Way You Look? is Betting You Do

The Lowdown: Laura reviews , a fashion opinion site with the following fashion philosophy: “Get an opinion. Give an Opinion.” Our Review: For the time being, (in beta phase) is pretty simple and straightforward: create an account, upload a photo or two of your own look, edit and rearrange the photos if you […] A Guilty Pleasure

The Lowdown: Laura reviews GuiltlessPurse, a handbag sample sale site that doesn’t require membership. Our Review: features dozens of designer accessories on sale – from Alexander McQueen handbags to Escada bracelets. According to the site, items sell out very fast, but are replaced by something new almost right away. While many products – in […]

Fashism: Thousands of Peronal Stylists at Your Finger Tips

The Lowdown: Laura reviews Fashism, an online “lookbook” that’s like TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” but way, way nicer and more helpful!. Style queens (or wannabe style queens at least) can browse a real-life “look book” on Add your own looks to the gallery, for all to see and judge, or just share your […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly: Site Review

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, an online boutique featuring a small and sometimes stylish selection of “extras” (think handbags and bracelets). Our Review: is all about the accessories, we’re not just talking your average necklace, but also bracelets, scarves, hats, pins, etc. Sort of like an accessories smorgasbord. To find the accessory that’s right […]

Target’s Merona Look Maker: Finally a Retailer Finds A Way to Use Facebook

What: Target launches the “Merona. My Look Maker” initiative on their Facebook page that allows you to create “looks” from their Merona line and share it with your facebook friends. From Target: Accessible via Target’s Facebook page, the initiative will enable guests to create complete, head-to-toe looks using items from the current Merona collection, including […] A Site Full of Awesome, but Pricey Gift Items

The Lowdown: Got a gal pal to shop for? Hop on over to, featuring unique (and sometimes pretty pricey) one-size-fits-all “gifts” for her. Instead of blouses, dresses or jeans, think scarves, hats, purses, and jewelry. also has a ton of quirky items, like his and her “custom silhouette” coffee mugs. Our Review: With […]