Lifesta Sells Groupon’s Leftovers and Gets You the Deal

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, a site that helps you purchase, and sale, the deals you missed on Groupon and Living Social. Our Review: is hanging on the coattails of sites like Groupon and Living Social – it’s a marketplace where people can sell or buy daily deals that are no longer available. Say […]

Site Review: IFashionNetwork: A Fashionable Mess

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, a “high-end”, high-energy fashion magazine focusing on runway looks, style tips, and emerging designers Laura’s Review: Let’s start off with the good. does have a few really helpful articles and solid designer photo galleries, making it a pretty site with some real pretty pictures. Women who love couture could […]

Do You Care What Others Think About the Way You Look? is Betting You Do

The Lowdown: Laura reviews , a fashion opinion site with the following fashion philosophy: “Get an opinion. Give an Opinion.” Our Review: For the time being, (in beta phase) is pretty simple and straightforward: create an account, upload a photo or two of your own look, edit and rearrange the photos if you […] A Guilty Pleasure

The Lowdown: Laura reviews GuiltlessPurse, a handbag sample sale site that doesn’t require membership. Our Review: features dozens of designer accessories on sale – from Alexander McQueen handbags to Escada bracelets. According to the site, items sell out very fast, but are replaced by something new almost right away. While many products – in […]

Fashism: Thousands of Peronal Stylists at Your Finger Tips

The Lowdown: Laura reviews Fashism, an online “lookbook” that’s like TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” but way, way nicer and more helpful!. Style queens (or wannabe style queens at least) can browse a real-life “look book” on Add your own looks to the gallery, for all to see and judge, or just share your […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly: Site Review

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, an online boutique featuring a small and sometimes stylish selection of “extras” (think handbags and bracelets). Our Review: is all about the accessories, we’re not just talking your average necklace, but also bracelets, scarves, hats, pins, etc. Sort of like an accessories smorgasbord. To find the accessory that’s right […]

Jungle Cents: A Cheap Knock-Off of RetailMeNot

Update: We are now being threatened by the folks at Jungle Cents . It is not our fault your site sucks and rather than trying to levy legal action against us (which is a dumb pr move) use the money to make your site better. And, stop having your friends post comments to our blog. Seriously. We […] A Site Full of Awesome, but Pricey Gift Items

The Lowdown: Got a gal pal to shop for? Hop on over to, featuring unique (and sometimes pretty pricey) one-size-fits-all “gifts” for her. Instead of blouses, dresses or jeans, think scarves, hats, purses, and jewelry. also has a ton of quirky items, like his and her “custom silhouette” coffee mugs. Our Review: With […]

Shopping Advice: What To Do When a Sale Isn’t Really a Sale

Hi, Kathryn, I’m really hoping you can help me with this one: What are the laws or accepted practices regarding posting “Sale” signs when an item costs what it normally does? This recently happened to me at local discount department store chain. I saw a big fat sale sign for an item that I’ve been […]