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We can’t count the number of times we’ve seen a celeb wearing these really great glasses but can’t find the brand listed anywhere. Frustration and disappointment ensue and we subsequently spend the next five years scouring stores trying to find the same frames and see how we look in them. Well, seems to be […]

Tips for Finding Clothes That Fit & Flatter

What: ShopSmart’s October issue dishing the dirt on “How to Buy Clothes That Fit & Flatter.” This feature includes pointers that will help you make the right decision in the dressing room, tips on how to tell if something needs customized tailoring, warning signs that an outfit is a strict no-no, handy formulas for sizing […] Site Review

Here at TBF, we’re experts on e-commerce sites designed to give you the best sale. We love them, but that goes without saying, right? So when we heard about, our little discount-loving hearts started beating a bit faster because not only does it claim to give you awesome sales, but it also incorporates sharing […] Site Review

Remember that awesome scene in Clueless where Cher wakes up and consults her computer (something so novel at the time) to put together an outfit for school? Her massive database of clothing and rotating closet select the perfect blazer and skirt set with only the push of a couple 90’s computer buttons. So cool, right? […]

Lifesta Sells Groupon’s Leftovers and Gets You the Deal

The Lowdown: Laura reviews, a site that helps you purchase, and sale, the deals you missed on Groupon and Living Social. Our Review: is hanging on the coattails of sites like Groupon and Living Social – it’s a marketplace where people can sell or buy daily deals that are no longer available. Say […]