Is Your Gucci Bag Fake?

1. The Retailer The Gucci store, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barney’s: these are the types of places where an authentic Gucci bag can be found. A card table on a New York street corner or a discount website based out of China are not. Gucci’s website lists all of it’s retailers, so if you find a […]

How to Wear A Winter White Dress

So, it’s looking like white is the new black this season — from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jessica Alba, celebrities have been doing away with dark cold weather colors and breaking out their LWD’s (Little White Dress) for red carpet events. Who can blame them? Winter is such a brutally cold and dull season that a […]

Look For Less: Nicole Richie

Looking to update your winter look? Get winter chic like newlywed Nicole Richie, or should we say, Nicole Richie-Madden. What we love about Richie’s look is the mixture of trendy and classic pieces. A wide brim hat is a classic, but pairing it with a skull print scarf makes the look young and fresh. Draped […]

Is Your Coach Bag A Fake?

Coach… sigh. Design, quality and durability make them the quintessential handbags. Unfortunately, for many of us the prices aren’t quite so ideal ($1200 for a Coach handbag? WTF?), so when we spot one for a great price, we want to pounce. But before you purchase what looks like a Coach bag, make sure it actually […] Site Review

Chicago Shopping It seems most deal aggregators claim to be all things to all people. They can personalize your deals and offer you loyalty programs and read your mind…okay, obviously, they don’t really claim to do that that last one. But, truly, they can’t all be the best! We recently checked out a site called […]

Is Your Kate Spade Bag Fake?

Playful sophistication is the hallmark of Kate Spade New York, and since the brand’s launch in 1993, women on every continent have been splurging on its sleek, utilitarian and adorably colorful bags. But when a peek at the pricetag makes a fashionista grapple with style vs. smart spending, she might be likely to fall prey […]

How To Wear: A Cardigan

How to Wear a Cardigan

Okay, let’s be clear about one thing here — by holiday cardigan we are not referring to those Christmas-tree emblazoned chunky knit sweaters (you know, the one with the snowman buttons) that your Great Aunt Hazel breaks out of the mothballs about this time each year. What we’re talking about is the cute, embellished little […]