How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the hot new thing in the social media world. While I’m not a fan of all social media tools (still haven’t embraced foursquare… It kind of creeps me out that people can know where I am at all times of day), I LOVE Pinterest. Building upon the bookmarking concept (which to be perfectly […]

Combat Baby! How To – Wear Combat Boots

Madden Girl Combat boots $69.95 from Zappos The last time combat boots were hot was in the early-mid nineties, so it’s about time they made a comeback. Back then, they were being worn with flannel shirts and wooley socks. To pull this look off today, we recommend leaving the alt-grunge pieces where they belong – […]

Spring Trend 2012 – Green

A famous amphibian once said, “It’s not easy being green.” But for this season of bold color, we’re going to have to respectively disagree with Kermit on this one. Though the color green has long been associated with feelings of envy, green is also considered to promote balance, and since it is so prevalent in […]

How to Regift

When it comes to regifting, for most of us, it’s a case of “been there, done that.”  Admit it.  You were anticipating the oh-so-adorable patent Mary Jane’s you had been hinting on, but instead, you receive a floral vase that has “I love my niece” written across it from your Aunt Ernestine.  You’re hoping that […]

10 Things Not to Buy on Black Friday

With Black Friday just around the corner, stores are putting out amazing discounts.  Amazing discounts, yes.  The best discounts you can possibly get?  Not necessarily.  In fact, the best deal you get on Black Friday may be to hold off on buying until after the holidays.  Based on historical trends and data, our friends at […]

Top 3 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Shape

Celebrities with Different Body Shapes

In our Repost Series, we re-publish classic posts from our archives. This post,first published earlier this year, is  great primer on dressing for your body shape. Trends come and go, but your body shape is always going to stay the same. True, you may gain or lose weight, but in general your proportions aren’t going […]