Wearing Animal Prints: Dos and Don’ts

Source: http://www.amtify.com/Leopard-Print-Scarf-Buy-1-Get-1-Free-CLA801510EW.htm?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxpipBRCap8PR2Om7vq4BEiQA6V7OVSDfaZPe1qbQ9pEn9Is-h2YqPh7zEKwNC82lk99EBacaAi-A8P8HAQ

Edgy animal prints are always in style. But always being is style doesn’t make them easy to wear. Stripes, spots, and patterned prints can flatter or fail if you don’t know the rules. As most animal prints are the highlight of an ensemble, it’s important to choose your remaining attire and accessories wisely. Here’s a […]

Clothing Resale: The Ultimate Guide

colorful clothes in a closet

You finally cleaned out the closet — now what? You’re left with a pile of pieces you just had to have, and look at them now, so defeated balled-up on the floor. You know deserved to be loved…but your time together has passed. Truth is, most of them could fetch a pretty penny for, and now that you […]

How to Shop: Nasty Gal


If you’ve never visited (or heard of) Nasty Gal, you might at this moment be questioning TBF’s standards for style and social decorum. The name, admittedly, is at first glance a bit off-putting, or at least a little naughty. But once you’ve arrived, you’ll see that Nasty Gal isn’t about , well, bein nah-stay, but being fah-bulous. […]

4 Ways to Give Up Your Bad Spending Habits

Bad Spending Habits

Consumerism drives our world, our days, heck—our minutes. We’re inundated with ads and pressure to keep up, be on trend, look a certain part and be the best we can be, which often means having more and more things and stuff. It’s hard to break up all the brain noise and eye candy enough to […]