Zumiez Site Review

Huge e-commerce sites are fantastic when you aren’t sure what to buy for yourself or as a gift, but we like the niche markets too. Sometimes having focus is incredibly helpful, especially when trying to buy for someone with specific likes, even if that picky person is you …

Our Review: Zumiez.com, a site we recently stumbled upon, takes little explaining — think Zappos.com for skaters and snowboarders—so nothing complicated or different, but as we said, we sometimes prefer niche sites, because the sharp focus puts us a little closer to exactly what we’re looking for. Even if you’re not hitting the slopes or the streets any time soon, this site is great to bookmark for that long list of people you’re buying for—nice, and even naughty.

We like this site’s deals, as well. They’re currently selling last year’s gear for up to 50% off, so, don’t mind if we do. For brand new items, they allow you to package them up in a nice little bundle, which can save you a good pile of dough. For example you can buy a snowboard, snow boots and bindings all in one and save around $100.

Lastly, we spotted two of our favorite words in the whole world: free shipping. With all those holiday gifts piling up from different vendors, it’s really nice to save anywhere we can.

Verdict: Yea, if you are looking for snow and skater items — but if this isn’t your thing, skip it.

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