Look For Less: Zoe Saldana

Who says you can’t be cute and comfortable when traveling? When you need to get through security or your flight has been delayed, an off the shoulder top paired with skinny jeans and knee high boots are an easy combination for flying the friendly skies.

Zoe Saldana


1. Ruched off the shoulder top, ASOS $24.14

2. Five Pocket SKinny Jeans, Arden B. $59

Zoe Saldana

3. Knee high boots, Aldo $100

4. Infinity loop scarf, Cejon $38

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  1. Lisa says

    Love the look, but for travel?! Clearly if you rarely travel you may put up with the hassle or you have a private jet. Knee high boots that have to come off to get through security – not a cute scene. (check out George Clooney schooling his replacement on how to travel in “Up in Air”). I suggest sexy easy to slip on/slip off black heels.

  2. TBF says

    I actually have a pair of knee high stretchy boots that I wear to fly when I am too lazy to wear tights and/or when I just don’t feel like carrying a bunch of stuff but going to place that has a snow and/or rain (ie I live in NYC where we’ve been hit like crazy this year- flat DO NOT work in this weather). They’re actually pretty easy (but not as easy as flats) to get on and off.

  3. Anishea says

    I love the look Alissa. Don’t know if I would wear the boots for flying though. I like to wear shoes I can get on and off easily. But… that look is an NYC staple.

  4. ShoeLover67 says

    This is my favorite look! Being comfortable and traveling all around the world is so important. I think the full knee high boots can be a little too much. I paired my look with my favorite ankle leather boots from shopjshoes.com. Happy shopping!

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