Zara says No to Celebrity Lines

.. well at least for now.

What: In a recent Reuters article,  designers and executives from Zara as well fashion industry analysts, discussed how the Spain- based fashion high/low retail store has been able to maintain their success without a celebrity front.

What the fashion heads say: From Reuters: “Some analysts applaud the formula: Luca Solca of the Bernstein consultancy says stars are a substitute for design, speed and quality. He compares firms that use them to athletes forced to take steroids to compete.

What I say: My first experience with Zara was over 10 years ago when I was traveling Spain and bought a slinky black skirt with a red dragon embroidered up the side of a very high slit for $5 USD. The quality is better than H&M and the prices are higher. Unfortunately, most of their US stores are based on the East Coast.