Zara says No to Celebrity Lines

.. well at least for now.

What: In a recent Reuters article,  designers and executives from Zara as well fashion industry analysts, discussed how the Spain- based fashion high/low retail store has been able to maintain their success without a celebrity front.

What the fashion heads say: From Reuters: “Some analysts applaud the formula: Luca Solca of the Bernstein consultancy says stars are a substitute for design, speed and quality. He compares firms that use them to athletes forced to take steroids to compete.

What I say: My first experience with Zara was over 10 years ago when I was traveling Spain and bought a slinky black skirt with a red dragon embroidered up the side of a very high slit for $5 USD. The quality is better than H&M and the prices are higher. Unfortunately, most of their US stores are based on the East Coast.


  1. says

    Zara doesn’t need celebrity lines, they’ve made their name by copying famous designers and brands. That would be too much 😉

    I don’t mean to disapprove what Zara’s doing. Just a few weeks ago I bought a stunning D&G themed black jacket from them. One of the best fitting jackets I have, it accentuates the waist perfectly.

  2. reader says

    i can’t believe zara and compagnie l’express don’t have online shopping.  mango does but just barely, with a site that seems to utterly defy anyone’s interest in actually purchasing something.  oh well, back to nordstrom for me.

  3. greenfairie says

    I’ve been a Zara fan since I wandered into its NYC store (only one at the time) in 1995.

    We do have Zara out west.  I’ve been to the ones in San Francisco, Costa Mesa, and Las Vegas.

  4. Brenda says

    Greenfairie forgot to mention for the West Coast Zara also has stores in Los Angeles—Century City Mall, Santa Monica (3rd Street promenade), Topanga Mall in The Valley.

  5. Maria says

    Zara does have representation on the West Coast….but very little.  There are actually two stores in SF now, one on Market St. and one on Post (insanely close to each other, which doesn’t make sense) but that doesn’t help us in the ‘burbs who don’t get to the Big City that often.  And I suggest everyone read the full Reuters article; then you’ll understand why they don’t offer online shopping.  If they did, they’d destroy their whole business model of trendspotting on the fly and being able to create the clothes so fast.  If they went online & expanded to too many markets, then they’d have to manufacture in places like China or Taiwan, which would damage the quality of the merchandise (IMO).  Zara is brilliant; they need to stay the course and reject the notion of celebrity lines.  They don’t need the endorsement of the rich and famous to be successful.

  6. martha says

    Zara is widely spread in Mexico, that every shopping mall girl is wearing their stuff. It used to be fashion to wear Zara, but is not very high quality. Stick to the basic line and paired it with another brand, or you will look just like everyone else. I went to a cocktail party once and there were 3 girls wearing the same Zara dress. Nay!

  7. says

    after studying in spain for a year, i was ready to name my firstborn child Zara—we shopped there ALL the time. i’m perfectly fine with their decision not to use celebs, but what about actual designers? have they/will they do this?

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