Your Lunch: Recycle This

As we all start packing our lunch and leaving the fancy sandwich and salad shop behind, why not save even more money by re-using every part of the package? We’ve shown you interesting and even more interesting examples of green lunch bags but now we’re going after the little guy – the disposable plastic snack and sandwich bag. You may know him as Mr. Loc. First name, Zip.

Even though we’ve taught you well at Ecoist instead of re-using your bags a few times, for only $6.95 (note – it’s$4.95 for a 50 pack of Ziploc sandwich bags) you can get the handy Warp-N-Mat at Nubius Organics. This durable, water-proof, reusable and adorable sandwich (and other) lunch wrapper will replace those disposable plastic hazards and save you some cash as well.

The Wrap-N-Mat has hook and loop fasteners so you can also put snacky items inside and feel secure about your daily sustenance. The wrap is designed to keep your food fresh all day, so go on that seven mile hike with your Wrap-N-Mat why don’t ya’? Then undo those hooks and voila! You’ve got a nice little placemat that comes in workplace blue and green and picnic time red-check. The PEVA plastic keeps your food safe, natch. And the money and environment you save will keep future generations safe . . . natch.

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