Your Christmas Tree: Go Green

It might seem obvious that a Christmas tree will be green (although maybe you haven’t seen these aluminum babies – above) but there are better ways to deck the halls this season and they may not be quite what you think. Before you make your final tree decision, take a look at all the alternatives to O Tannenbaum.

Our friends at Sustain Lane are all over the holidays this year and they’ve taken some time out to explain to us why plastic could be best…or worst for your living room this year. Same for the tree cut from the farm. How does a reveler decide which way to go? Here’s the tease:

Plastics don’t require that someone go out and kill a living thing. But lead leaching plastics are harmful to your health. Ahhhhh! For more info go to Sustain Lane’s holiday guide and count down the days until Christmas in green style. This year why not try and reduce your anti-enviro habits that have been passed down through the generations? Rudolph will thank you.

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