You Deserve: Green Fashion

You know the story: Young co-eds meet at UC Berkeley, fall in love with green fashion, but are devastated when they realize organic style is scarce; and darned expensive. But these ladies weren’t going to let “the man” destroy their dreams, and many post-grad years later founded You Deserve – the online home to affordable eco-friendly fashion.

Thao & Rashida work with eco designers around the world and feature their latest creations, then make them affordable to you and me with their frequent sales. Check out the newest threads that are 30-70% off and round out your summer wardrobe with organic cotton denim skirts; or stock up on your cashmere before those first cold winds begin to blow.

We drooled over (then wiped it off our laptop) the asymmetrical keyhole top made from 100% bamboo – pictured above from Oxygen Required for $37.70. Pair this find with the Melliot denim shorts for $65 from Del Forte (made from organic cotton) and you’ll be unstoppable at every BBQ this summer. Organic, free-range BBQ, that is.

What’s that? You’re a men-folk? A black hooded Henley from Beatnik Bags is all you need to fit your wardrobe for fall. Sexy and slim, it will also be stolen by anyone who sleeps over – so perhaps you should get two.

Just in case you weren’t feeling crunchy enough with only your sustainable and biodegradable garments, they also have candles and face scrubs. And all at discount prices. What do you think? Do you deserve to dress yourself and smooth yourself in 100% goodness? We thought so.

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