You Are What You Eat: Go Green

Last week Rachel Brownell wrote a fantastic post about 10 Ways to Live Green for Less over on While her post was intended for the family audience, there are tips in there we all (with child or no) can take to the eco-bank.

A lot of the green tips that save that other green have to do with paying attention to what you eat. Consuming less red meat, chowing down on fewer processed foods and shopping for need, not as sport are particularly effective rules of living and eating to lower your carbon tooth print and your monthly bills. And of course she recommended that when we do go out to hunt and gather, we shop locally.

While we know that you, our BudgetEco reader knows the most efficient way by foot, bike or public transport to your local Farmer’s Market, some people out there may not know where to shop off the grid in their neighborhoods. Another tip from Brownell led us to the USDA, which solves that quandary by providing a handy website, where you can locate wholesale and farmer’s markets in your neck of the woods.

But that’s not all our taxpayer dollars are doing on the USDA Site. They also give you tips on how to start your own market in case there isn’t one already serving your area. Somebody’s got to be the first in your town to step out and make a difference, why not you? Local grocery shopping is proving to be more earth-friendly than even organic, so now is the time to make it happen. No matter your urban environ, there’s someone with a hot house of tomatoes and a pig or two to slaughter nearby, so check out the tips and make local all about you. What we’re saying is, ASAP, go to the USDA‘s website.

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