(pronounced “Youk”), the European site known for selling high-end design fashion at low prices, is having it’s second single designer sale, this time featuring vintage Chanel.

The Lowdown: Price aren’t rock bottom (honey, they ain’t even close to the bottom), so don’t head to the sale expecting to find a Chanel suit for $10. But if you’ve always wanted a piece of Chanel, and your shopping budget permits, it might not be a bad idea to take a peek at the site. According to Chanel_200711062281/” title=”fashionunited.co.uk”>fashionunited.co.uk “The oldest items come from the 1950s, when Coco Chanel re-established her Paris house after the war, but many more are from the period of Karl Lagerfeld’s tenure as designer, starting in the mid-1980s….Starting at approximately £130 ($260) for jewellery up to £260 ($520) for a gilt-buttoned swimsuit to £1000 ($2000) for a silk dress and matching jacket.

Shop: Starting Nov.12th at YOOX.COM