How to Wear Yellow: Fall Fashion Trend 2011

Add a Little Something

Yellow Clutch


NYC Box Clutch, $45 at Nordstrom

If yellow scares you (it’s okay, we understand) then trying adding just a bit of yellow to your wardrobe. A small addition, like the above yellow textured bag or an awesome yellow umbrella, is an easy way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe.

Splurge on Outerwear

Yellow Coat

Ruched Marigold Coat, $248 at Anthropologie 

A great way to add both a bit of color and a statement piece to your wardrobe is to score add a yellow coat to your closet. While $250 is pricey for a coat, we really, really love the above coat (like New Kids on the Block- 1992- World-Tour love).

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  1. Marian the Librarian says

    I think yellow is a difficult color to wear because you really have to have the right complexion. We ladies with cool complexions can’t wear it next to our faces IMO. I do like that butter color on the purse however! I’m thinking a yellow patent belt would be hot.

  2. Kam says

    Not all warm-toned gals have it easy… I’m pale and warm (and slightly green/olive), and there isn’t a yellow that agrees with me. Yellows make me look more yellow and very sickly. I love the color of that sweater though.

  3. Dani says

    I look better in cool colors and can’t wear marigold or mustard, but there are “cool” yellows – like sherbet lemon yellows. They just need to be “icy” yellows.

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