How to Wear Yellow: Fall Fashion Trend 2011

How to Wear Yellow: Fall Fashion Trend 2011

Make It The Star

Yellow Shirt

Dropped Shoulder Sweater, $49.95 at Gap 

One way to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe is to make it the star of your outfit. This fall, pair a bright yellow sweaters or coats with a more neutral pieces like a black leather skirt or dark jeans.

Let The Sun Shine Through Your Accessories

Yellow Bangle

Samba Yellow Bracelet, $18 at Cusp

Not too keen on rocking a bright yellow top? Then accessories is a great way to add a pop of color whether it’s through bangles, a whimsical necklace, or cocktail rings.

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  1. Marian the Librarian says

    I think yellow is a difficult color to wear because you really have to have the right complexion. We ladies with cool complexions can’t wear it next to our faces IMO. I do like that butter color on the purse however! I’m thinking a yellow patent belt would be hot.

  2. Kam says

    Not all warm-toned gals have it easy… I’m pale and warm (and slightly green/olive), and there isn’t a yellow that agrees with me. Yellows make me look more yellow and very sickly. I love the color of that sweater though.

  3. Dani says

    I look better in cool colors and can’t wear marigold or mustard, but there are “cool” yellows – like sherbet lemon yellows. They just need to be “icy” yellows.

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