Yea or Nay:  Yellow, Hot Color for Fall 2007

This fall’s hot new color is yellow, mainly muted yellows like mustard, with the color appearing in clothing, accessories, and even home furnishings. Not an easy color for most people to wear (it gives 99% of the women in the world a “washed” look), the key to pulling off the look is to layer it with a brighter color closer to your face.

Yellow is an interesting, complicated color. According to yellow’s publicist (okay, its Wikipedia page) the color is associated peace and happiness (those yellow smiley faces) and with jaundice and cowards (as in “you’re nothing but a yellow-bellied fool”).  It’s also associated with pornographic movies in China, which is interesting because it’s complementary color is (indigo) blue, which is associated with pornographic movies in the West.

Yea or Nay: Yellow

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  1. Suz says

    We heard the same “looks bad on most women” about green and orange. And guess what, it turns out not to be so.

    Just because yellow is back this year for the first time in a very long time doesn’t mean it’s unwearable.

  2. Kari says

    I have to say NAY. Wasn’t it “the hot color” for spring…and summer? It’s actually getting boring seeing all this yellow. I went to a wedding and yellow was everyone’s accent color! Are designers/stylist running out of things here? I thought grey was going to be the it color for fall. And I keep hearing about (and seeing) animal print as a big thing for fall as well. So much to keep track of…

  3. says

    a big YEA! i’m glad you brought this up because i avoided yellow for most of my life, then discovered i could pull it off about two summers ago. now it’s one of my favorite colors to wear! just have to find the right hue…some are more greenish, some are more orangish, etc.

  4. jj says

    I’m a redhead and I wear a lot of browns, olives and tans.  I like to find bits of yellows, oranges and greens to add some brightness, so I always get SUPER excited when one of “my” colors comes into fashion.

    So yes, I’ll be rocking the mustard yellow.  This season and next and all the way until some other color that looks great on me comes into style!  If next year the hot color is powder blue or hot magenta, I’ll be happy to pass on it and let other ladies have their day.

  5. yellow bellied sapsucker says

    Yellow is a great color that does look good on EVERYONE, you just need to get the right shade/hue. Much better than cobalt, which they were also pushing recently. Yellow looks fantastic with fall colors and especially with the greys that are big this fall.

  6. says

    I think it all depends on the hue of the yellow.  Like pink.  A few years ago when pink was all the rage, I tried on a zillion pink tops until I found one in a hue I could wear.

    And even if you can’t wear yellow clothes, you can sport a yellow bag or shoes or jewelry and rock the trend!

  7. Judy says

    It DOES all depend on the hue…I am a redhead/Autumn person so I might be able to wear a jewel-toned yellow/mustard but nothing BRIGHT.

  8. Nancy B. says

    Oh, nay!  I have yet to see any shade of yellow look good on any one.  If you have pink or red in your skin, yellow will emphasize it.  If you’re skin pulls yellow, it will make you look more sallow.  I just isn’t a good color for most people.

    Maybe if it’s an accessory, like a scarf or a bag, but as clothing I have to say no.

  9. Snooks says

    Hate yellow. Hateithateithateit. It makes me look like I am in desperate need of a liver transplant. Ick.

    Good for other people though.


  10. Hotchica1 says

    Unless you find the right shade/hue then yellow is a nice color. I wore mustard yellow in the 90’s and I look back on it as a mistake. I have dark skin but unless the yellow is in a nice pattern or really light(pastel) then it doesn’t look good on me. I agree with the article that a light skinned person looks washed out- unless she hits the tanning salon beforehand. LOL!

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