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  1. Arthur says

    I find them to be very nice looking, exotic as well. The bathing suit enhances the body curves and gives a aura of suspense. A very new design and appealing to the eye. More, more, more!!

  2. Krystine says

    Although they cover more skin than regular bikinis, for some reason they look more risqué to me. That one pictured above is in a cute enough print that it stays on the innocent side, but many of the ones I’ve seen (gold lamé, anything with hardware, etc) just come off as trashy and stripper-esque.

  3. says

    When done right they can look great. But there are so many different cuts, you have to find one that’s flattering for your figure!

  4. Jhanjae says

    I just received two monokinis from Target (Clearance) this morning and they look GREAT! If you are working to get that flat stomach and didn’t quite get there and the vacation is coming up, this is perfection. Like any garment, its not for everyone especially with lots of love handles when the sides are cut out but you should know your body. Stripper-esque? Not at all. And my man LOVES the way it looks on me!

  5. says

    They do not look that flattering, but as you mentioned, they can help you hide a problem area. Though if that was the case, you’d probably just wear a whole one piece bathing suit.

  6. Katrina says

    Actually, I would have loved to see them cut a little more. I have a scar on my stomach which was the ONLY reason I didn’t wear a bikini. Something with a 2 inch strip up the front would have been ideal for me.

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