Yea or Nay: Nanette Lepore for Keds at

Nanette Lepore, not wanting to be left out of the high-low trend, teamed up with the king of canvas shoes, Keds, to create a limited edition line available online at  While the shoes are cute and are available up to a size 11, $60 bucks for a pair of canvas kicks is a bit too rich for me.

Nanette Lepore for Keds: Yea or Nay?

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  1. Petite Plz says

    I actually like this line a lot, but I do agree that %60 is too much for this. I haven’t seen one in person yet, so I’m not sure about the quality. If the quality isn’t as terrible as mean Sketcher’s, then I say Yea.

  2. Noki says


    There are way too many slip on, and ballerina style canvas shoes at Target that are so much more cute than that!

    Why pay 60 dollars when you can pay 20 and get a better design?

  3. Jessica says

    I say “nay” $60 for a pair of shoes is most certainly NOT a bargain!! when are designers and stores going to learn that most of the people wanting to shop are not loaded with money??? i say stick with Payless….they have extremely cute and stylish shoes at much more realistic prices

  4. flora says

    nay! i just think they’re ugly, but i don’t really like keds in the first place, only the classic tie up ones

  5. Rachel says

    I say yay because I like them, they look cute. Nay because they are too expensive. I can go to payless and get similar shoes for cheaper.

  6. Amy D says

    Nay, IF I were going to spend $60 on canvas ballet skimmers, I’d go with the Kate Spade’s for the same price with the cute ankle wrap ribbons.

  7. Michelle says

    I like them, they look like they have a thicker sole to add a little height.  I love, love love flats!  Adding height to them would be wonderful!  I think the price is a bit high, I personally would not pay that for an occasional use shoe, but hey some will and maybe I can pick them up on clearance, I will wait.

  8. kelly says

    Nay!  Very cute and I love the trend but too pricey.  And not to knock Keds or other brands but many of these sneaker flats are not special enough to warrant the price.  If I drop over $100 the shoes better be something that will be in my wardrobe for a very long time and lots of the special flats are really up there.

  9. emily says

    i say YAY because they’re cute; the other ones in the collection are adorable too. they’re also distinctly unique, and it sets you apart in a way. but NAY because they’re so expensive. i have two pairs of rocketdogs that are just as cute, and almost half the price. although, i do have a friend that’s been waiting for these special edition keds for half a year, so she’s pretty psyched. there must be a reason she’s been looking forward to them for half a year!

  10. Heather says

    Cute shoes. Ugly price.
    I’m a poor art student so I’ll wait a few months for Target to come out with the same thing.

  11. Blair says

    Yay!! I love Nanette Lepore and I am so excited she is doing more affordable stuff…her designs are so classic!!! I don’t think $60 is that expensive compared to how much some of her other pieces cost….I recently bought the Kate Spade tie ups and I LOVE them….I think the quality is much better than normal, cheaper brands…aka no “ouchie” blisters

  12. Vanessa says

    Neimans also carries this line, they had about four styles the last time I checked.  I think they’re cute but I won’t buy them.

  13. Shannon says

    I was until recently a manager with BCBG Max Azria and last Spring we had a deal with Keds.  They were the lace-ups, very distressed, some in denim, and some in the print that was the theme of Max’s collection.  I personally did not like them at all, but these Lepores seem more like cute flats than tennis shoes.  So I’m keeping an open mind.

  14. Virenda says

    People pay 60 bucks for the name, not the quality or design.

    I LOVE Nanette Lepore clothing, and when I make enough I plan to load up on it. However, 60 bucks is too much for slip on canvas shoes. Especially in a color that stains so easily.

  15. Carrie says

    Yay—they’re totally cute.  Also, they’re not canvas; they’re satin.  In real life, they appear silkier looking, as opposed to a matte canvas.

  16. Mego says

    Definate nay…even Walmart has cuter flats than that! And let’s not even TOUCH the fact they’re 60 bucks…

  17. Hillary says


    The shoes are adorable and probably the only Nanette Lepore I’ll be able to afford in my lifetime. They’re easy-to-wear and are high quality. So worth the $60.

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