Yea or Nay: Ed Hardy T-shirts

It’s like everywhere I turn I see someone wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt.  The t-shirts are based upon the designs of famed LA tattoo and contemporary art artist, Don Ed Hardy.  A favorite of celebs (and promoted endlessly on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), the t-shirts are cool, in a sort of just-got-off-your-Harley- while- driving-down-Sunset Blvd sort of way. But….are the shirts worth $65+ dollars? Probably not. Especially when they (sans graphics) were probably purchased from American Apparel for like $3.00 a pop.
Ed Hardy T-Shirts: Yea or Nay?

P.S. Kate Moss’s collaboration with the high/low store Topshop, launches today in the UK. Check out our friends at, who are blogging live from the event.

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  1. lisa says

    ugh- I just think these designs are so ugly. I am all for the rocker chic look but these tops don’t work for me. I’d rather spend the money on a Trunk limited tee- atleast the quality of the cotton on those is pretty nice. the ed hardy’s look and feel cheap. but if you really want one, i’m pretty sure I saw some at Loemanns a while back, or maybe it was the Saks Off Fifth Store- the point is, you can definitely get them for less money.

  2. tanya says

    I don’t need anyone’s name across my chest, or anywhere else on my body.  I buy tshirts because they’re comfortable, cute, and *cheap.*  i see absolutely no reason to spend that much money on something that doesn’t wash, dry, and iron itself.

  3. says

    I wasn’t a big fan of their hats, I thought they were a bit over the top.  The tops are better, but I think you can get better rocker chic looks elsewhere.

  4. jj says

    Nay.  I love Don Ed Hardy’s art.  But the clothes are just atrocious… it’s like a mish-mash.  I’d rather spend good money on a beautiful tattoo that lasts forever than overpriced trend-wear.

  5. Kristine says

    I don’t think ed hardy shirts are worth the price tag…but I have found ed hardy at the local TJMAXX for just $19.99.  Deff. worth it!

  6. Raina says

    Yes, you can get Ed Hardy tees at Off 5th, Loehmanns and even at Burlington Coat Factory.  His tattoo sleeved shirts are pretty cool, as well as his sneakers and hats.

    I just wish that he would make more “girl” friendly designs…I don’t like skulls, blood, snakes and I can do without the crosses.

  7. Shannon says

    It’s like a great book that someone turns into a lousy movie.  It’s a shame and a lost opportunity.  No matter how much it costs.

  8. Lucky says

    I’m all about the budget. I can’t spend 65 bucks on a T-Shirt. For me, a T-shirt has to pass the 3-pronged test: It has to be good quality, it must be good looking and it has to be a good value for my money. I have to give Ed Hardy’s designs a big “nay”!

  9. holland says

    Definitely a nay! I wouldn’t care if these shirts were 60 bucks or 6 they are so tacky and gaudy that I’d never wear one. Another thing that I don’t like about the brand is the fact that everything looks the same it’s so unoriginal.

  10. Vicky says

    You’d have to pay ME to wear those ugly things! Plus, they just look cheap, even though they aren’t.

  11. KatieM says

    You’ve got to wonder about any designer being dumped at TJ Maxx.  I just saw a pile of Ed Hardy hats for $15.00 so ugly, that my first thought was, these designs are from that @sshat on the JD Modeling Agency.  I laughed and walked on by.

  12. suz says

    How “alternative” or “rocker” is anything that’s being promoted as what celebrities with money wear? It’s alternative and edgy like an ankle tattoo of a rose is alternative and edgy. Yawn. If I were looking for arty/interesting/rocker/all that I’d be more interested in what the tattoo artists themselves are wearing.

  13. Jeannie says

    My husband is a tattoo artist and owns his own shop. I do all of his shopping for him when it comes to clothes because shopping is my favorite hobby. When the Ed Hardy lines started becoming the “it” thing, I showed him some of the designs to see if it would be something he would be interested in and he told me that there was no way in the world he would ever wear anything that even remotely promoted Ed Hardy.

    I don’t know the entire story but almost every tattoo artist besides Ed Hardy makes fun of people wearing his clothes and not knowing anything about him. I guess a lot of people consider him a sell-out or something.

    But if you were interested in what the tattoo artists are wearing, my husband is usually in Lucky Brand Jeans and Serial Killer shirts! Occasionally he wears a polo or something to work but ink is a pain to get out of clothing so I keep him from wearing his nice stuff to the shop.

  14. vanessa says

    I think that 65+ for a tee is TOO much…Hardy jeans run up to 175+!!! Outrageous! HOWEVER, my “friend” just got an outfit from Hardy-a Geisha tee and flap pocket jeans with the Geisa on the pocket…WOW!!! May not be worth the price, but SOOOO worth it on the eyes!!! The tee was beautiful, with a gorgeous Geisha girl, the shirt is like a brownish/rust color. Well, it helps that he has a vicious body, but the clothes look better on the body, than on the rack. I wouldn’t be impressed with them if I saw them all rumpled and folded on a shelf.

  15. Tim says

    I saw these shirts at the mall the other day and most of them were $79 + tax. First thing I thought was that that is way too much money for a t-shirt that looks so tacky. Most of the designs looked like they were drawn by my 3 yr old sone much less a expersienced artist. Right next to them were the Miami Ink line that was retailing fpr $24 and on sale for $19.99 and the designs on the Miami Ink shirts were much better. What’s wrong with that picture?

  16. mandimay says

    ok…the ed hardy shirts aren’t cheap material. they are really soft and incredibly comfortable to wear.
    yes, they are pricey, and some of them aren’t very cute… but some of them are awesome.
    if you dont like it, thats fine, but dont bash on the designs of a man who obviously made a very good living for himself. thats his artwork, and whether or not you like it doesnt matter. its art. and art is totally subjective.
    i, personally like the ed hardy designs.

  17. Jill says

    I personally love Ed Hardy! I dont actually own any of the clothing but i collect ALOT of the hats.. its the perfect way to spice up my outfits:)
    And for the other “tatoo artists” Jealous much?!

  18. Jill says

    I personally love Ed Hardy! I dont actually own any of the clothing but i collect ALOT of the hats.. its the perfect way to spice up my outfits:)
    And for the other “tatoo artists” Jealous much?!

  19. dianeo says

    I love Ed Hardy! The shirts, belts, cosmetic bags etc. I’m not a big fan of the hats, they are a bit big. so i would say Yea for Ed Hardy! :)

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  21. Jason says

    I’m a graphic designer. Ed Hardy’s designs go against everything that’s artistic, visually appealing design. The fact that it is even popular is mystifying to me. It’s ugly and people only wear it because of the staus ($$) that follows it. I’m not usually this jugdemental towards people who wear clothing I dont’ like. It’s just that a certain type of guy would find this stuff appealing and I’m telling you, it’s less than likely that I would get along with him.

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