Yea or Nay: Celebrity Clothing Lines

While there’s no doubt that some of our favorite celebs have great style (thanks, in part,  to fabulous stylists), that doesn’t mean that every star needs their own clothing line.

A Very Short List of Celebrities with Clothing Lines
Macy’s- Nicky Hilton
Select Department Stores- Jennifer Lopez
Select Department Stores- Gwen Stefani
Mango- Penelope Cruz and her sister
H&M- Madonna
H&M- Kylie Minogue
TopShop Barneys- Kate Moss
Steve &Barry- Sarah Jessica Parker
Reebok- Scarlett Johansson
Fashion Bug- Jessica Simpson
Numerous rappers, sports stars, other A, B, C, D list celebrities
It’s like having a SAG card immediately qualifies you to design a line. 

Now there’s few stores who have resisted the trend. One example is Target, where you actually must have design experience to design a line. Also Gap, who has fallen and now seems to start to get back up, did their white shirt collection with a group of talented TRUE designers (Doo.ri first design studio was in the basement of her parent’s New Jersey dry cleaning store).

There’s also celebrities who understand that their talents do not lie in designing, so they bring on real designers to help them create their lines (ex: Gwen Stefani/L.A.M.B). But according to a recent article on, most celebrity clothings lines are cooked up by their management teams to extend a celebrity’s brand and to make some serious dough.  Take Jessica Simpson- her records and movies perform WAY below expectations, yet she has several clothing and accessories lines.

Yea or Nay: Celebrity Clothing Lines?