Yea or Nay: Celebrity Clothing Lines

While there’s no doubt that some of our favorite celebs have great style (thanks, in part,  to fabulous stylists), that doesn’t mean that every star needs their own clothing line.

A Very Short List of Celebrities with Clothing Lines
Macy’s- Nicky Hilton
Select Department Stores- Jennifer Lopez
Select Department Stores- Gwen Stefani
Mango- Penelope Cruz and her sister
H&M- Madonna
H&M- Kylie Minogue
TopShop Barneys- Kate Moss
Steve &Barry- Sarah Jessica Parker
Reebok- Scarlett Johansson
Fashion Bug- Jessica Simpson
Numerous rappers, sports stars, other A, B, C, D list celebrities
It’s like having a SAG card immediately qualifies you to design a line. 

Now there’s few stores who have resisted the trend. One example is Target, where you actually must have design experience to design a line. Also Gap, who has fallen and now seems to start to get back up, did their white shirt collection with a group of talented TRUE designers (Doo.ri first design studio was in the basement of her parent’s New Jersey dry cleaning store).

There’s also celebrities who understand that their talents do not lie in designing, so they bring on real designers to help them create their lines (ex: Gwen Stefani/L.A.M.B). But according to a recent article on, most celebrity clothings lines are cooked up by their management teams to extend a celebrity’s brand and to make some serious dough.  Take Jessica Simpson- her records and movies perform WAY below expectations, yet she has several clothing and accessories lines.

Yea or Nay: Celebrity Clothing Lines?

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  1. says

    This celeb design trend is getting kind of tired.

    My biggest pet peeve is that you rarely see them in their own clothes. A lot of them will put their name on a label and then be photographed in Versace, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen.  You know… actual designers!

  2. melissa L. says

    I couldn’t agree more.. I am REALLY getting tired of this.. seems you can’t be an actress in hollywood anymore without an album out,a perfume with your name on it, and a clothing line….?????
      I understand a celebs name makes the line an instant moneymaker but sheesh… Project Runway is a very popular show… H&M couldn’t feature lines done by some of the contestants?????

  3. says

    Rappers and musicians developing clothing lines makes sense since the money they make from the music companies are “pretend money.” However, I am getting sick and tired of every celebrity coming out with scent, a sneaker, or clothing line. What’s the worst about it is that they’re not adding anything new to the world of fashion. I could understand it if Jessica Simpson developed a line of tops and blouses designed specifically for big busted women or Shaquille O’Neal developed a line of suits for really tall men, since those lines fill niches that aren’t plentiful on the market.

    I think I would appreciate their fashion and fragrance ambitions more if I had the sense that they were holed up somewhere drawing sketches and mixing scents in the lab. What they should do is use their marketing talents and money to sponsor a real fashion designer on the come up—John Doe Footwear for Jessica Simpson Industries.

  4. TBF says

    I totally agree with you all.. There’s a lot of celebs who style I totally admire, but I agree that fulfilling what is needed, rather than making a buck, would make the trend a lot easier to handle. I would love to see Jess Simpson do a line of tops for big busted women.. or SJP do a fashion line for petite women because those lines are needed…

  5. Samantha says

    NAY NAY NAY NAY. About the only one I can stand is Kate Moss’, even though it is pircey for me .. but I am SO over celebrity lines! How much work do they really put into it? Probably NONE. It’s a cheap moneymaking trick that I can’t stand.

  6. Daniella says

    Many of you seem to understand the main point of celebrity designs…to put more money in said celebrity’s pocket.  I respect the shrewd business and marketing of this.  I don’t think it takes away from real designers success.  People who understand fashion will still go for real designers. 

    (I myself prefer real designers, which is challenging on my college student budget, but own some very affordable and stylish finds from Jessica Simpson footwear and Gwen Stefani’s Lamb line.)

  7. Erika says

    I think that MOST celebrity clothing lines make it harder for real aspiring designers, especially the rappers and music artists. They are so popular already that a lot of young people will buy their products, no matter how UGLY it is before they buy something from a designer who has been through years of studying, internships and hardships of trying to establish theirselves as designers in the industry. And yes a lot of them are just doing it to capitalize their already capital incomes!!! But to those celebrities who are actually making clothes because they have a passion for it not because they know people will buy it, good.

  8. Bethany says

    The only problem with Jessica Simpson doing a line for full busted women… Jessica doesn’t wear clothes that work for full busted women. She wears clothes that look cute on someone with a 34C, yet have been altered specifically for her. The only time I have ever seen her in clothing that had any bust support whatsoever was in the pictures from the VH1 show, when she had to strap her bust down because she might offend someone by having large breasts. If I bought an outfit just like the one she is wearing in the posted picture, I would either be falling out of it or I’d look like I was playing dress up in my mom’s clothes that were 2 sizes too big.

  9. Ayokomora says

    I agree with both of you TBF and Rocki White!! That would be a great idea for celebs to actually come out with a niche line. But on the other hand I actually do like some of the clothing that is offered by celebs. I LOVE Applebottom jeans (maybe cause his niche is ample assets!) and I am not sure if she qualifies as a celebrity designer but Baby Phat clothes are off the chain and they fit me really well! And even thought Deelishis is a Flavor of Love chick, and I don’t think of her as a celeb per-say the cut on her jeans are slamming! I feel like some lines are very fashion forward and they do reflect the actual celeb designing them like L.A.M.B, I guess it all depends on what you like as a consumer.

  10. Rachel says

    I agree w/above noter. I would love to see H&M do some Project Runway designs. I think celebrity inspired lines are just over priced attempts at further publicity for the celeb. None of them are very original or good. I don’t care whose name is on it, if I don’t like it I’m not going to buy it.

  11. Stephanie says

    Nicky Hilton actually went to design school. She is famous for the sake of being famous.  not really for doing that much else.  She’s young but her designs show a lot of potential even if she didn’t technically graduate.  I think she could actually be really good.  All the others should stick to what they do best.

  12. JEWELLZEE says

    I agree that most of the celeb lines are now WAY too much.. But I did read somewhere that Queen Latifia is coming out with a plus size line. Now she is on the right track with filling the need. I am not sure where it is being sold ( at a store)if any one knows drop a line on TBF so I can buy it . ( I know it is online but who wants to buy online with out trying it on)

  13. says

    i agree with all the comments above. i’d also like to add that this particularly bugs when a celeb like Jessica Simpson poaches designs from real designers like Rafe New York. like others have said, she’s not bringing anything new to the table.

  14. says

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      So I think the Stars should have their style. Not for the audience, but for themselves.

  15. says

    Like celebrities would EVER buy anything from Fashion Bug…I mean who are they foolin’ ?

    But I don’t see as big a problem when athletes create or help create work out/sports gear. Having input from someone who moves for a living is OK.

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