Yea or Nay: Renting Designer Sunglasses

It’s baaacccckkk.. Due to overwhelming demand, we’re bringing back Kathryn’s weekly “Yea or Nay” posts. For you new TBFers, in this weekly segment, Kathryn posts her thoughts on controversial fashion trends, styles, or events and ask you, our wonderful readers, to give your two cents. Lert the fun begin!

Would you pay $65.00 a month to rent a pair of designer sunglasses? luxury-for-rent site is betting that you will. For $65.00 (or $95.00 for non-members), you can be the owner of a pair of designer sunglasses.

For. A. Month.

Now, I’ve heard of a lot of crazy stuff, but this, my friends, is totally wacky. First, a majority of the sunglasses available for rent, can purchase at your local Saks or Neiman Marcus outlet for less than the cost to rent them for a month (ex: I got a pair of fabulous Gucci sunglasses for $49.99- a small fortune for me, but much less than $95.00- from Saks Outlet). Secondly, and not to be too judgemental here, are we really that desperate for logos (and according to our poll last week, TBF readers aren’t) that we would overpay for a pair of designer sunglasses? Sunglasses that probably cost around $5 to make?

So, what do you think? Designer Sunglasses: Yea or Nay?

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  1. says

    Nay. I get cheesed when I get a scratched DVD from Netflix—can’t imagine forking over $65/month for sunglasses that may or may not be in good enough shape to wear. Though if the site offers “gently used” sunglasses for purchase that look new, I might bite.

  2. nessaL says

    I’m really happy with my non-designer 25$ sunglasses. I drop them everywhere all the time, leave them in the car (sit on them when I’m in a rush…oops). If I want designer glasses, I’ll buy a knock-off version instead.

  3. CaitlinV says

    No way! First of all, all sunglasses look more or less the same (except for the logo). Second, there are so many knockoffs out there people probably won’t think they’re real. Third, logos are tacky. Fourth, I’m a bit clumsy and forgetful so renting a pair of sunglasses basically GUARANTEES that I will leave them on the subway, step on them accidentally, drop them in the street etc. etc…

  4. Eilyd says

    …why?  Even if I couldn’t buy them for cheaper than $65, why would I want to spend $65 that could go towards a great pair of shoes, a skirt, a dress that I /get to keep/?  Besides, sunglasses are the one object I am most prone to losing/breaking.  Not the best idea to rent.

  5. auroraskye says

    No way. That’s just silly. Plus, I wouldn’t trust myself enough not to damage them, that’s why I buy inexpensive ones.. 😛


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