Yea or Nay: Plates on the Wall

room by kelly la plante

I’m just going to be honest—I love plates on the wall. I do. I think they are a creative chic way to spice up any living space. The picture above is of a room designed by eco-designer Kelly LaPlante. Her look is bright and clean and modern and even then, there’s room for plates on the wall.

I actually have a dream, a dream that one day I will own a rotating collection of unique plates that I can put on the wall and use for parties. That I will pass on to my children and if they don’t like it, I’ll throw them at them. Because this is America, the land of dreams.

But to be honest, not everyone is a fan. My husband hates them and some girls at work tell me that it reminds me too much of their grandma. We call my style Grandma-Chic. So, what say your? Yay or Nay to plates on the wall.

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