Yea or Nay: Christmas China

Spode Christmas Dinnerware from Macy’sMy mom loves her Christmas china and I have to admit that it adds to the ambiance of the holidays to take it out every year after Thanksgiving and use it. Nothing says holiday cheer like fish sticks on Christmas china. But now that I have a house of my own and dishes of my own, I can’t justify the purchase. I mean, sure it’s fun, but fancy, expensive, breakable china I can only use once a year doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, there are so many ways the holidays can go wrong without throwing in high-maintenance dishes that, if they break, will ruin Christmas.

Plus, let’s be honest, most Christmas china is very WASP-centric.

As opposed to the Macy’s Spode Christmas Tree set (pictured above), $105 for a 5-peice set, on sale, I’d rather buy some Corelle (like Eloquence, $48 for a 16-piece set) that will hold up (my Grandma-in-law has had her Corelle since before dirt was invented), I can use it all year long and still integrate them with my holiday look. Also, most of the patterns are the dish-version of the dreaded Christmas sweater. Or is that just me being a Grinch?

So, is Christmas china a Yea or a Nay?

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