Yea or Nay: 2007 Fashion Trends

Gray, patent leather, stirrup pants, Uggs, lady-like suits, comfort pumps, platforms, new color combinations, skinny jeans, catsuits,

2007 has been quite a year for fashion.

So what was your favorite fashion trend of 2007? Was it the return of gray? Or perhaps the return of the stirrup pant? The emergence of stylish comfort pumps by brands like Cole Haan is definitely high on my list.

So what are your fashion yea and nays for 2007?

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  1. Inkmyway says

    I really like the resurgence of gray as a softer neutral than the dry dull black black black ever defaulted to! Gray mixes so well with “pops” of color, yet still looks elegant, classic, and also beautiful for evening.

    Also, I like that natural fibers are becoming ever more popular again.

  2. Stella Rose says

    One of my favorite trends is the return of gray. Gray knits look really good on me, so it worked out well. I like skinny jeans, but only really when tucked into boots. And of course we all love the comfort pumps. Pure genius. I HATE stirrup pants and catsuits, so that’s definitely a nay on those.

  3. says

    This is the first year I’ve really paid attention to trends, but it’s been fun watching them come and go.

    I love, love, love all the purple!  That’s been my favorite trend and I hope it stays.

    Close second would be hats, but I’d wear them anyway (o.k., I’d wear all my favorites anyway). 

    I also liked the fuchsia and gray, especially because of how well they went with my favorite color.

    Stirrup pants, cat suits, Crocs, Uggs… all those can go.  Buh bye now!

    Comfortable pumps has definitely been great for those who can afford them.  I look forward to wearing them some day. 

    Skinny jeans ended up looking very good on a lot of people—just not on me. 

    Platform shoes… well, depends on the shoes.

    I did like the patent leather—so long as we’re not talking about patent leather skirts, pants, or tops.  On shoes and bags, though, it rocks.

    Lady-like suits?  I guess I missed that one.

    I also liked wide, cinch belts.  They don’t work on a lot of people, but I’m tall and have a long torso.

    Also loved all the dresses.  I hardly ever wear pants anymore.

    I’m now a capelet convert and am excited about some long gloves I have on the way.

    Feathers, metallics and animal prints… depends on the items.

  4. Machazait says

    One thing I definitely did NOT like was crocs. I’m told that they are supercomfortable, but they are so unbelieveably ugly. There are so many comfortable shoes out there that are so much more flattering.

  5. closetjedi says

    The skinny jeans trend has been awesome, after years of searching, I finally found a fit that works for my body type. I also love the lady-like suits and all the purple.

  6. stardust2me says

    I loved the gray and skinny jeans for this years trends. I have also been loving the flats because they are so pretty and the can be worn with practically anything.

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