Yahoo Search Pad: Review

Okay, we have to admit—we were a little perplexed at first as to how the Yahoo Search Pad (now in BETA) would be any different than cutting and pasting websites and notes into a document or notepad on our own computer. But as anyone who’s done any kind of research online knows—whether for work, planning a vacation, a purchase, etc.—keeping track of where the heck you’ve been and making sense of the information you’ve found can be a challenge (and bookmarking favorites isn’t really all that helpful in the long run). Enter Yahoo Search Pad. Yeah, it doesn’t sound very impressive, but bear with us here …

Our Review: Here’s the lowdown—Yahoo Search Pad is the kind of online research organizer we’d have invented, if we were that organized. It’s actually incredibly simple—start your Yahoo search, then open the Search Pad function, which will appear on the upper righthand side of your search screen.

We went for “pencil skirts”—we actually do research on stuff like that—and the Search Pad did all the work. Well, a lot of it. Search Pad remembers what sites you’ve clicked on and automatically transfers the link into your notes, complete with screen shot to help jog your memory when you look over your list after clicking on, oh, 62,000 or so sites. You can delete any you like, but for those you keep, simply click in the field to add your own personal notes. Rearrange with a simple drag and drop. Save as many lists as you like. E-mail them to a friend—or yourself—with a click or two. Seriously. It’s our new favorite toy. Er, we mean tool.

The Verdict: A Big Yea. We love anything that makes our shopping—or research—more efficient. It doesn’t cost a thing either. We do recommend checking out the quick tutorial before you start.

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