Yafa Pens: Recycle This

Sometimes the little things get overlooked in your daily recycling sort. Plastic bottles? Check. Coffee lids? Eh, maybe. While we would all love to be uber-green and create our own textile piles from unraveled sweater threads, the reality is some things get left behind. Like say, your used up Bic. And while you can take your plastic ballpoint pens apart and recycle every last bit (here’s how), you may want to preemptively buy pens that are already recycled. That way, at least you know you can do some good right away if you forget the recycling details after angrily scratching your pen repeatedly on your mom’s birthday card.

Yafa pens are not only made from recycled materials, they are also refillable so you can keep on pumping away on that note pad for years to come. Traditionally this site is known for their high end writing utensils, so you can bet these utility tools have been tested for quality as well. Yafa sells these packs of twenty pens for only twenty bucks, so you can also save ink while writing those office supply checks. Yafa pens come in red, blue black and, naturally, green.

Image courtesy of Yafa Outlet.

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