Worst of Grammy’s 2012 Fashion

A little more free-spirited than the Globes, Emmys, or Oscars, the Grammy’s red carpet can be a wildcard for fashion, which isn’t always a good thing. While we respect risk takers and their creative spirit, sometimes the combination just doesn’t end in a fashion win.

The Worst Fashion of the 2012 Grammy Awards

MC Lyte

Rapper MC Lyte misses the mark in this avant garde take on a trashbag. The matte and shiny segments, and matching banded cuff look as if the ensemble was pieced together with duct tape, creating unflattering rouching across the midsection of her killer body.

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  1. says

    My least favorite part of any of these outfits would have to be Robyn’s platform work boots. They definitely were not classy enough for this event by far. Fergie’s outfit would not have been so horrible if she had worn a different color besides black for her under garments underneath it. If she had simply lined it with the same color orange or even nude it would have been much better.

  2. Marian the Librarian says

    They showed Fergie’s dress from its runway show, and it was worn exactly the same way, with black bra and panties. A good example of when you need to do your own thing. I think it would have been great with an orange body briefer or something.

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