Worst-Dressed at the Academy Awards

Sandra Bullock

Sandra BullockSource: Mirror

We’ve loved Sandy since she rocked a cute bob (and nabbed Keanu Reeves) in Speed, and we were stoked when she won Best Actress a couple of Oscars ago. That’s why it breaks our hearts to put Sandra Bullock on our worst dressed list. Oh Sandy, what were you thinking? This Marchesa dress is all wrong, wrong, wrong! The sequin-y area around the waist looks like creepy witch fingers or Medusa’s hair… We can’t decide which.

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  1. says

    Call me crazy, but I liked Emma Stone and Nancy O’Dell’s dresses. But Meryl and Nati Po, whyyyy???? Those terrible looks on two of my favorite leading ladies…

  2. alisa says

    Thank goodness I’m not the only person who thought Natalie looked like Minnie Mouse. Emma, Emma, Emma…fire your stylist. Period. Sandra’s dress creeps me out…like some hands around her waist. And Nancy O’Dell…lay off the freaking tanner. And sorry I have to add Michelle Williams. 1) you’re not going to prom. You’ve been with a gorgeous man, you have a cute baby, and you’re what, 30, almost 30? Give it a rest. And please grow your hair out. Oh, and tell your bestie Busy to get a stylist. Just cause she isn’t winning anything, you don’t walk the red carpet looking like a hot a** mess every single time!

  3. Georgia says

    To me, fashion is about feeling comfortable and beautiful in what you wear, regardless of what others wear. I see nothing wrong with any of the dresses. If YOU like it, wear it.

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