How to Have The World’s Most Relaxing Bath

The following is a guest post from our friends at Lucky.

Taking a bath is mind-numblingly relaxing, but it’s sort of a rare luxury. Especially for twenty-somethings. Especially in New York. Most of us live with multiple roommates that we don’t even want to think about sharing a tub with—if there even is a bathtub. And taking a bath requires more time than a shower—who has that?

When I moved into my own apartment—all 200 square feet of it—it was one of the things I was most looking forward to, despite the fact that I’d never taken a leisurely bath before in my life (that last one I could remember was when I was a child and baths existed only to get clean). Now I’ve got it down to a blood-pressure-dropping science—and this formula relaxes me more than a massage, acupuncture, or glass of Malbec

How to Have The Most Relaxing Bath

1. Start running the bath, but don’t plug the drain until it’s your perfect temperature—I go for a medium heat. Then, pour in a capful of this Elemental Herbology oil. The blend of rosemary, geranium and grapefruit oils up circulation (which is very good for your skin); jojoba, sweet almond and peach kernel oils soften. And the scent is incredibly soothing.

2. Light this decadently-smoky candle from Molton Brown. It smells like a beautiful campfire surrounded by a lush forest, late at night (so if you close your eyes, it’s like you’re taking a bath in the strangest but coolest place ever).

3. Turn on some music, if that sort of thing relaxes you. Personally, I always have to have some sort of sound on in my apartment because the walls are so thin and my weird neighbor plays loud, house music somewhat frequently. My go-to is Miles Davis—as cliché as that sounds—because sinking into the tub as Darn that Dream comes on is a magical feeling.