What to Buy for Fall 2007: Wooden Accessories

    Wood Bangle
What: Glitter and shine not your thing? Then you’ll embrace this trend for fall – a more subtle way to accessorize, with wood.

What the fashion heads say: Candy Pratts Price at Style.com calls wood “the most innovative and interesting new material for fall accessories.”

What I say: With fall’s rich tones, tailored lines, and subtle sophistication, wood accessories – in the form of jewelry, handbag, and shoe detailing—strike just the right note without grabbing all the attention. And when it comes to budget, wood beats diamonds any day. Bangle bracelets are an easy way to pick up the trend without making a big investment. Try these on for size, from Old Navy, at just $9.50 apiece. Or bridge the seasons in surprising comfort with this heeled sandal by Aerosoles, down from $79 to just $29.99!

– Angela –

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  1. Judy says

    When I was out shopping yesterday I noticed this trend…at Anthropologie…so out of my budget-range but I knew we’d see them elsewhere at more affordable prices!

    Another place that fashionistas can get very cool and unusual jewelry is at museum shops and of course at a art/crafts fairs.

  2. says

    OOOO! I’m very excited about this and I feel way ahead of the trend. I picked up some wood (or woodesque) bracelets for $1 each from street vendors at Fulton Street mall in Brooklyn. I may have to pick up some more, because it is an accessory I can afford. :-)

  3. Stephanie says

    I love the wooden accesories!  It goes with all my browns and neautral tones.  I have these great wooden bangles that I got a couple years ago at a Smithsonian Museum Store of all places.  I still wear them.  And they only get better with age. I’m definately all for this style!

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