Vote in Women’s Wear Daily’s 75 Defining Moments of Fashion Poll


What: Women’s Wear Daily’s 75 Defining Moments in Fashion online poll

What We Say: We love a chance to put in our two cents on anything fashion-related, so we’re heading on over to (the online home of Women’s Wear Daily) to cast our votes in their quest to name the top 75 Defining Moments in Fashion. Each week for three weeks, 25 new moments will be revealed for voting, culminating in the #1 Defining Moment to be revealed on Sept. 2 simultaneously on Entertainment Tonight and What kind of moments are we talking about? How about Jackie Kennedy’s arrival in the White House? Brooke Shields and her Calvin Kleins? Jennifer Lopez and that dress? Oh, the list goes on . . .

Vote: Head to to vote.

Oh, and in honor of its brand new design, Women’s Wear Daily’s website—normally subscription only—is free to users this week, so we suggest you check it out! Go to

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