TBF Fashion Newsletter:  Groundbreaking and Timeless Looks


With March being Women’s History Month, we got to thinking about women who’ve, in one way or another, made fashion history. Interestingly enough, the majority of these ladies’ unique looks were rejected and criticized by many people, including fashion “experts” and editors, but the fact is they were noticed. And she who gets noticed, gets to dictate the trends. So without further ado (love them or hate them) fashion icons of the 20th century and beyond.

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  1. Elisa says

    I would add Diane Keaton in Annie Hall to the list. I think that look was extremely influential. I would also note that Audrey Hepburn’s partnership with Hubert de Givenchy was responsible for transferring her into an icon. Finally, I feel that Coco Chanel the designer was incredibly talented and innovative. However, Coco Chanel the woman was an antisemite who had a notorious affair with a nazi officer during World War 2. Not cool, but interestingly enough, Chanel the brand was backed by the Werthheimers, a famous Jewish family who eventually bought out her 10 perent share of the company and still own Chanel today,

  2. christal says

    Thanks for this article.  I love the fact that you chose them all for different things (ie. Angela Davis for the ‘fro’).  And you are definitely right, please dont ever call the diva ‘Ms. Ross’ anything but that.

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