Women Suffer for Fashionable Footwear


What: If you’ve ever suffered while wearing a pair of too-tight stilettos, you’re hardly alone. According to a new study by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, nearly four in 10 women say they buy shoes that they know don’t fit, while 37 percent of women admitted they’d wear uncomfortable shoes if they were fashionable. Unfortunately, these “killer” heels can cause lingering health problems, including ingrown nails and corns.

What They Say:
“Many of us find it hard to resist a bargain and the latest fashion must-have, but it’s important to remember that by buying ill-fitting shoes, you’re not only going to end up in discomfort, but you are also putting your health at risk,” said Lorraine Jones, of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

What We Say: Who hasn’t squeezed into a pair of heels that were super cute but way too small? While it’s important to be fashion forward, it’s more important to take care of your health. Wearing high heels on a regular basis can cause back pain, corns, and ingrown nails

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  1. CentsInTheCity says

    I developed three neuromas in my foot.  A neuroma is a hardening around the nerve that can be very painful.  Thankfully only one of the three is painful.  It’s most likely permanent and now, most of the time I have some sort of foot discomfort throughout the day. My second toe is longer than my big toe, a contributing factor for this ailment, however it was worsened by the fact I have a love of 4” heels and often squeezed my feet into tight shoes.

  2. Erin says

    That’s true that heels are awful for you (they did a study that showed all sorts of nasty stuff, and they only used two inch heels! apparently they haven’t met the five inch ones in my closet yet :) ) but point is we’re going to wear them anyway.
    I’ve heard that there are exercises and stuff you can do for your knees and back to minimize the stress on them from wearing high heels. Also you should sure they fit right. I’ve heard buy half a size up for when your feet start to swell in a couple hours (I personally don’t because what about those first couple of hours? my feet are slipping all over the place!) could you do an article on prevention of all these nasties from heels? I feel like those of us who love our heels (aka most of us)could use it!

  3. odiezen says

    I am an avid wearer of 5 inch heels. Anything less than 3 is ridiculous to me. But I will never buy a pair that is not my proper size; that’s just dumb. Any woman/fool who does that deserves the pain from it. I too have lower back pain but that was caused by going over the handle bars of my mountain bike. The high heels don’t help but they are not the cause. I relate to what the 1st person wrote. I am not going to stop wearing them until I can physically no longer walk in them at all. What would be helpful is an article on how to wear what you want while minimizing the pain of it.

  4. sueb says

    If women are going to wear those 5 plus inch heels, they really need to learn how to walk in them. I see young ladies all the time wearing those ridiculously high heels but they are walking awkward and its funny looking, so it really ends up making her look ridiculous instead of sexy.  Get a lower heel and be comfortable, not only will it save your feet but your face won’t look in pain and your walk will look better, and you will be happier in the long run…

  5. pegling says

    Because of my love for heels and the shape of my foot (very high arch and instep) I now can only wear Birkenstocks.  Do you know how hard it is to look good in Birks??  My feet (and legs and knees and back) don’t hurt anymore but…..

  6. sueb says

    In my opinion and others I have talked to (men), not only is a very high heel bad for your feet but what alot of ladies don’t realize is that if you don’t know how to walk right in high heels, you end up looking horrible because it looks as though you are trying to walk on stilts and the look on some ladies faces wearing these high heels is almost laughable because you can see the torture in their faces. Wear something that is going to make your feet comfortable and then your face won’t look so strained and you won’t look ridiculous when you try to walk.

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