Winterize: Go Green

If you have not yet been kicked in the butt by Old Man Winter; you will be soon. To keep your hard earned money from going out the window with our dwindling natural resources, it’s time to winterize your abode! Clear your calendar for an afternoon and plan a trip to your local hardware shop because you’re about to warm up your interior and save some cash.

MSN has ten quick and easy tips – all practical, all easy to understand. From reversing your ceiling fan to knowing your duct tape, if you knock these out you’ll be on your way to toasty riches.

Tip we haven’t heard of yet: The insulation with the paper backing actually causes moisture problems, and is not recommended for any reason. Which makes us wonder – why do they sell that stuff?

Perhaps you’re not a homeowner and your apartment building’s super is a little on the slow side. (as in, the dollar stretcher) has special tips just for city dwellers. Share these with your other apartment living friends and everyone can enjoy the money and environment savings. Readers wrote in with their best tips to cheap and easy solutions from everything from air conditioner window unit coverage to insulating your electrical outlets. We even get a “wear your sweater” from someone’s Danish grandmother. Awww, there’s something so sweet about a cranky granny.

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