5 Winter Sales You Can Wear All Year


Many of our favorite stores are now putting their winter collections on sale. But just because it’s on sale (or a “winter item“) doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it year round. Here are my five favorite stores currently on sale with versatile items that you can wear any time of year.

Winter Sales Perfect All Year Long!

1. Aldo: Seasons may change, but no matter what the weather (or trend), we wear shoes every day. My favorite footwear has always been in the realm of the boot, and until they go completely out of style (or it’s 90 degrees in the midst of summer), a good boot is a timeless investment. As I write, I’m currently wearing the MCCANN boot that I got for a mere $105 (retail price is $200). I plan on sporting these until they fall apart, so considering they’ll last a few years, I’m satisfied with the bill.

2. J.Crew: Take an extra 40% off final sale items, the J. Crew winter sale is a no-brainer. I always opt for items that are neutral or basic, and always utilitarian (re: sweaters, purses, etc). I recently snagged this adorable solid boat-neck sweater (originally $69, but I got mine for $44) and since it’s a solid and a total classic, I know I’ll be in it until it’s a mere thread.

3. Bath & Body Works: Yep, this time of year even lotions, fragrance, and body wash goes on sale. Who knew scent had a season? I love to stock up on the body butter and hand cream, so I opted for the $6 Shea Hand Cream and the “Buy Two Get One Free” Lip Balm.

4. Victoria’s Secret: It’s no secret that panties, bras, pajamas, and everything else at VS is a year-round sort of purchase. Why not stock up on red bras for 50-60% off? ‘Tis the season for red (red is one of those year-round colors in my wardrobe) so take advantage of the winter sale and get your red on. ┬áHere’s my favorite discount fit: Darling Demi Bra.

5. Big 5 Sporting Goods: Nurture your new years’ resolution to be fit AND satisfy your shopping needs by opting in to Big 5’s winter sale. Also, buy winter wear for next year and stash it away as a money-saving surprise. I love when my favorite running shoes go on sale (ASICS) – so whenever I seem them on discount, I buy a pair (or two!).

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