Quiz: What Your Holiday Activities Say about your Style

Holiday festivities are in full swing, but let’s take a well-deserved break for a holiday style quiz.   It’s lighthearted and fun, so why not?  Pause from all that wrapping, meal planning and centerpiece arranging and ask yourself 5 questions to determine what your holiday activities say about your style. Are you more inclined to sit by the fire or are you itching to start a snowball fight?  See what it all says about your fashion preferences in the holiday style quiz below.

Holiday Style Quiz:  What Your Holiday Activities say about your Style

1.  It just started to snow.  You:

  1.  Can’t believe it’s snowing where you live, but hey, you’re always up for change so you go with it.   Who wants to have a snowball fight!?
  2.  Stay in (snow in hair looks like dandruff, ugh!).  Bring on the blanket and my fave mag.
  3.  Double check that everything’s in order: scarf, coat and boots (no unflattering snow pants) are ready by the door, neat and tidy.
  4.   Start taking pictures from the window, get fancy with Instagram filters and post online.

2.  Friends want to get together for the holidays.  You suggest:

  1.  Window shopping to see how stores are decorating for the holidays and dressing the mannequins.
  2.  Girls night in watching holiday movie classics.  Feet up, pedicures, lots of laughs.
  3.  Indoor ice-skating.  Either doing it or just watching others have a go at it.
  4. Will go anywhere, as long as you get to flaunt your funky pants and amazing Grumpy Cat graphic tee.

3.  Friends want to go skiing.   You’ve never done it.  You:

  1. Will give it a whirl.  Plus, being outdoors is always awesome.
  2. Pass.  You’d rather paint your nails than risk breaking them.
  3. Aren’t wild about the idea but decide to go, sipping cocoa inside the lodge while observing others ski.
  4. A chance to sport one of those wild ski hats?  I’m there!

4.  When it comes to holiday cards, you:

  1. Hit the craft store for all kinds of stationary so you can create your own, tailoring each one to your friends and family.
  2. Choosing cards?  When I could be reading TBF posts instead?
  3. Head to the store, get pretty cards for every member of the family (no boxed cards) and send ‘em out pronto.
  4.  Find a free service online and email a ton out to your closest friends.

 5.  The holiday music you most enjoy:

  1. Remixes of classics with a fun, techno beat or the newest tune.
  2.  Seriously? I’ve been hearing holiday tunes since Halloween and can’t take it anymore.  I’m listening to my own playlist.
  3. Classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
  4. Ones that are silly and make me chuckle like Dominick the Donkey or Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer.

And the Results are in . . .

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